Whoes light will you be? | Valentine's Day Sale

Whoes light will you be? | Valentine's Day Sale

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  1. Valentine's Day Sale

    Companionship is the longest confession of love, and the light you bring to each other may help you express your love. There must be a heart behind every gift. Take a look at the gifts below!

    Forever Love

    Red is usually a symbol of passion. The combination package of Baton 3 and I1R 2 Pro is stylish and does not take up space. It can be a thoughtful and practical gift, symbolizing your eternal love for him/her.

    Baton 3 >> 1,200lumens/166meters
    i1R 2 pro >> 180lumens/48meters

    Love plus Love

    When love comes, some people may bury it in their hearts and express it with actions. The combination of I5UV and I5R is to make invisible things visible. Using them to express feelings is also a good choice.

    Love + Love

    i5UV eos >> 1,500MW/45minutes
    i5R eos >> 180lumens/48meters

    Endless Love

    The straight OD green bamboo-like design, just as we silently guard you, always ready to be your support if needed.

    Endless love

    Seeker 3 >> 3,500lumens/220meters
    i3T eos >> 180lumens/60meters

    Head Your Love

    Some emotions are slowly sprouting in the heart, maybe he/she led you to make you understand these emotions. The light is always there to head your way, then Perun mini kit and S2R 2 are modest and practical existence.

    Head your love

    S2R Baton II >> 1,150lumens/135meters
    Perun Mini Kit >> 1,000lumens/100meters

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