The classic S2R Baton II upgrade-Baton 3 Pro!

The classic S2R Baton II upgrade-Baton 3 Pro!

Sep 20, 2022, 15:44:00

The S2R Baton II has been a fan favorite since its introduction a few years ago.  For many, it remains a staple in their EDC gear, packing a lot of power and function into a relatively compact body that easily fits into any pocket or pack.  While intuitively simple to use, it still offers a variety of modes for any type of use or scenario you might need.  Now Olight is introducing the next generation with the upgraded Baton 3 Pro.  Every aspect of the S2R Baton II has been improved, all while maintaining what we love about it.  Fans will be delighted with the improvements!

Exciting Performance Upgrades!

The Baton 3 Pro packs some truly impressive performance enhancements into a compact EDC light.  It maintains the same number of modes as the S2R Baton II but improves the overall output and runtimes by as much as 30%.  Hear something go bump in the backyard or down a dark street?  A quick double tap of the switch and you immediately get 1,500 lumens of illumination with nearly 575 feet of throw!  This is super handy for being able to cut through the darkness when you want to quickly see what is out in front of you.  From walking the dog to inspecting your property at night, the high mode, with 600 lumens, is more than adequate.  You also have 3 hours of runtime, which should be more than enough time to walk your pets several days in a row without needing to recharge.  Should you encounter a critter on your walk, several taps of the switch will activate the strobe mode and should disorient or scare away any critters.  The low mode is great for general use around the house or campsite, especially when you need just a little light but do not want to disturb neighbors or those around you.  When you are ready to call it night and need a nightlight on your bedside table, the moonlight mode is the perfect setting, delivering just half a lumen of light for up to 120 days! 

Improved look, feel and function

In addition to the impressive upgrades to the performance, the Baton 3 Pro has also received an update to the physical look and feel of the light.  These changes are not purely for aesthetic reasons, as each change improves the form and function of the light.  First, the light is ever so slightly longer due to the addition of a proximity sensor.  The proximity sensor is hidden from view but does a great job of stepping the output down when an object is too close to the lens, providing an extra layer of safety. When the object is away from the lens, it restores the previous lumen, what a great improvement!   Next, the body knurling has changed to improve grip and reduce slipping potential.  The knurling is now more like that found on the body of the Warrior Mini 2.  It looks and feels great in the hand.  Perhaps one of the more noticeable changes is to the clip, which has been “beefed up”.  It is much wider and longer than the previous clip, providing a very secure fit to the body of the light.  It feels very good and gives you great confidence that it is not going to simply “pop” off.  The additional length of the clip is also a very welcome improvement as it allows for deeper pocket carry. 

Finally, the button switch is now slightly recessed.  This also helps to ensure that there isn’t accidental activation of the light while in a pocket.  It is also worth noting that the lanyard hole on the body is no longer present on the Baton 3 Pro.  There is a hole located on the bottom of the clip for a lanyard attachment.

Despite these changes, the overall size and weight of the new Baton 3 Pro is nearly the same as the S2R Baton II.  It is a tad longer and a little heavier, but overall these increases are barely noticeable.  That is an impressive feat given the performance enhancements!

S2R Baton IIBaton 3 Pro
Weight   w/Battery3.473.63
Waterproof   RatingIPX8IPX8

Color and emitter?  The choice is yours!

The Baton 3 Pro is available in three color choices; black, DT, and ODG.  That’s right, there’s finally an ODG version of the Baton!  Like the release of the lime green S2R Baton II earlier this year, Olight is again offering customers a choice of emitter temperatures.  The cool white option will provide a brighter, white light, while the neutral white option will appear slightly warmer.  Which one you choose is completely based on personal preference, and it is great that Olight is continuing to offer us the option to choose the one that best suits our personal needs.

What’s included

Included with the purchase of the Baton 3 Pro is the following:

-        Customized 18650 rechargeable battery

-        MCC3 Charging Cable

-        L-shaped Stand

-        User Manual

Final thoughts

It is always risky to modify something that is so uniformly loved and appreciated.  However, Olight has truly done an outstanding job with the Baton 3 Pro.  They have taken a really good EDC flashlight and made it even better with more brightness, longer runtimes, and more throw.  All of this was accomplished while keeping the overall size and form small and compact for EDC.  The Baton 3 Pro is an excellent upgrade and should definitely be a part of everyone’s standard EDC gear! Check Video to learn more:


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