My precious collection 2021

The passion of Olight flashlight collection is getting deeper by days, with the inclusion of Baton 3 Titanium seasons and eternal , the series is seem growing to a huge family, wondering what colour will be the next . In my heart, i still hoping the US exclusive model ODG and Patriotic will be get a warm welcome home one day. The love toward Titanium model are gaining momentum as well, especially the Warriror Mini 2 friendship and exclusive warrior mini 2 Titanium ( without engraving ) set . These sets will be forever in my collection as i am really treasure it very much. Hopefully by 2022, my precious collection will getting bigger and Olight will come out with more models for me to add in the family. Wishing everybody a happy and prosperous chinese new year. Heng , Ong , Huat !!

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