Engraved and Friendship Olight

A silent end of 2021 and also a silent start of 2022. My birthday was on December 31st (year end) and i didnt get any greeting / surprise from Olight. Makes me wonder how much purchases or level do i need to reach to get Olight high management to notice us. Somehow i manage to reach Blue Diamond and a few more points to reach Red Diamond last year. I already set my aim to have my own engraved Olight before my birthdate during my early purchase in 2021. But im not able to reach Black Diamond yet. A bit dissappointed not able to reach my own goal. I hope im still worth to Olight and my first wishlist for this year 2022 is to earn that Friendship Tiger WM2. Hope someone superior from Olight spare some time reading this and grant my wish. Always good to have something special to encourage me to purchase more. Thanks.

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A Sweet Friendship