All i knows, Olight is the only company among another brand company ages value its customers and fan based on what they do. For myself, i says is, their AFTER SALE SERVICE is very very the best and the most important thing cum the most olight fans waiting for is olight company have many activities during the "FLASH SALE🤩" / OFANS DAY SALE come with AMAZING PRIZES, but unfortunately I'm no lucky to WIN 😭 in participate I'm enter. But, at last not least, even i do not win participate, i have experience AFTER SALES SERVICE with olight company. And i think and declare i win for in that ways of mine. The story is.... I have problems with my love EDC WARRIORS MINI 2 MOUNTAIN SKY 👆🏼, it's only took one day for me to be REPLACED with A NEW one without no more questions to me, olight company do their jobs like a flash😍. I'm really appreciate it. Olight company.... Thanks again for your time and attention.

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