The untold story : When there is light, there is hope

This is a story that i had never told any souls. It’s due to am still in denial that I had owned several Olight FL (flashlight) in my possession and become obsessed about it. I had came across Olight name when am started to search for my 1st tactical FL around 5 yrs ago. During that time, their tactical flashlight features and design still below my expectation. Thus, i have been ignored Olight since then. Yet, in 2021, Covid-19 pandemic had forced us to WFH and it is where all begins. WFH give me ample time to start upgrading my tools for EDC, hiking, camping, bush-crafting, etc. I noticed i have so many tools in ODG (Olive Drab Green) color. But i do not have any FL in ODG! All my FL is in Black! Hence, when googling for ODG FL, i found Olight which offered high quality, best deal, great promotion, and good customer rating. I made my 1st purchase of Olight Seeker 2 Pro, of course in ODG color. Am still shocking, as i never thought i would settle for Olight this fast, as they should be my last choice. All the sudden i realised Olight had focused its attention to tactical market and their design now tailored to meet all specification and expectation of law enforcement, government agencies, outdoorsmen, sportsmen, DIY and the regular, everyday man. Olight provides a variety of products for any situation. They get us covered. I started to deep dive into Olight product and FB community. Now i am clearly understand and learn that Olight had really grown way beyond my expectation. Their believes in giving back to the community and charity is what i am looking for. Honestly, none of my favourite FL brands had offered this kind of believes. Long story short, Olight believe that no one should be left in the dark, and light up our life even in darkest of times with their products. Olight keep growing on me with their excellent customer service, highly innovative and cutting-edge design, top-notch quality and exceptional delivery. Am really an happy Olight customer, bless with overwhelming Olight community and proudly been called Olight Fanboy from now on. That is my Olight story. The End.

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