Enter the L'O'VE

6 June 2021 , after some survey, i bought my first Olight , Its an i5T . At that time i know that iam buying an normal torchlight that i want to use for my outdoor activities . Then after a while, i found the Olight SG & MY Community . The first post i made is on 16 June 2021, i receive a very friendly welcome message from the team & the community member . The best thing is i dont even know them at all . Its a wierd feeling that people reply to my posting like them know me and iam so comfortable since then . Until today, iam so happy that iam in the Olight SG & MY Community, its like iam entering the lOve zone whem iam in the community . After 4 month with Olight, i already have a new good & generous friends who love to share knowledge, opinion, idea and tips on my new hobby, of course about the flashlight stuff. And iam also a proud user of OLIGHT products ! .. THANKS OLIGHT FAMILY !!!

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