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I started out as that my father fussing when i wanted to purchase what I called an expensive flashlight. Fast forward time and yes I have joined the ranks of my father and love Olight just as much. But you see Olight is so much more than just a flashlight company. Olight is the only company I know out there that this day in age values its customers and fan base as they do . This fan group is so much more than a fan group too. Olight and the Ofam are just that, one big family. You have been so supportive and there for not only us but others in our group that need some support, are walking through a tough season, and or just need some words of encouragement. Olight has the greatest customer service out there and there is always a friendly person willing to answer your question with the most professionalism and kindness. Olight has given to me and family love that we both share and enjoy and truly look forward to seeing what's next for this company. We were struggling in a rougher season and this is one thing that has helped bring some joy to not only me but family as well. They love all of the colors that are out there and are so fascinated with all of the flashlights, especially the obulbs.

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