On my mark! Get set! Go!

Well, I was introduced to this SGMY Olight family somewhere in March this year, I guessed by an ex colleague. Ex colleague because I had lost my job at the beginning of the year. To date I am still looking for a permanent employment. I was skeptical at first to this group oftorchlights folks. But I kept coming back to this group and made my first purchase April flash sales as I had missed the March sales. I am hooked. Not just by the products but the folks in this group and the customer relations programs and services are great. I bought an Open as one of first purchase and gifted it to my wife, for her job as a nurse. For now, I just have to do fast jobs, to finance my new addiction and of course to provide for my daily needs. No worries folks, I will survive, I have the One on my back. On my mark, get set,go! To my next phase in life. I promised myself, once I found a permanent job, the Marauder will be mine.😁🥰

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