Flooding in my City

On 15th September 2021, my area was hit with a flash flood. Muddy river water up to 3 feet tall swept through two big towns. Add to this there were a couple of landslides too. There were major damages to residence areas. Some people had to brave through the night on their roof, it was a very heartbreaking and stressful sight. At around 9PM, I set out with my cousins to help however we can. With our Olight flashlights, specifically, Warrior X Turbo, Warrior X Pro, and Perun 2, we rescued 6 families from various situations and sent them to a relief centre. Olight certainly is the star throughout the whole rescue. With WXT, I was able to shine on to roofs and locate families in distress from afar, this made the rescue teams’s job easier. Super grateful I had my Olight flashlights, I thought I was saved, turns out by using Olight, I managed to save others too.

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