Collecting and playing with flashlight has always been a hobby to me, with wife nagging on why do i have so many and all kinds of flashlight. Only when I started collecting and using Olight, did the products got her attention. From then on, I've caught her viewing the Olight website. Thanks to Olight team for helping with the purple i1R 2 EOS for my wife. She was delighted with it and that started her on the path of collecting Olight flashlights. Along with the purple i5T and S2R baton II. And red warrior mini and i3T into her own collection at my expense… Now Olight is not just a illumination tool and a collecting hobby to me, but a lifestyle for my wife as well as she EDC her favorite purple I1R 2 EOS. She even have her own Marauder 2 in her collection...

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2022 WISH


Ushering into 2022 with hope for a better future.


A Sweet Friendship