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Giveaway | Sharp Eagle Eyes

Giveaway | Sharp Eagle Eyes


Looking for the Spring Festival with Sharp Eagle Eyes

  As we move from the old year into the new year, It's like walking from one space to another. This new space is big and empty, filled with unused time. As the New Year's bell rings, fireworks burst into the sky, announcing A new year has come. However, some small things also fell along with the fireworks, and quietly appeared in our January Flashsale this time! Let's find them with our eagle eyes and claim the first surprise of 2022! The rewards you can get are different every day!


1. Different Spring Festival elements will appear secretly in different places at 1:00 pm on the 16th-18th, and only whoever finds them first will be rewarded.

2. Each person can only claim the reward Once everyday and cannot claim the reward repeatedly. Let's share the good luck of the new year together!

3. When a new day comes, the rewards of the first day will disappear like fireworks, and will not be counted into the search target of the second day. Even if the first day's reward isn't all found, it won't roll over to the second day because it just disappears.

What to look for?

Where to find them?

They will appear anywhere in the Olight MY&SG Store , such as our banners, listings, any pictures, or texts on the detail pages. Be careful to search for the figure and place where he may appear.

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After finding them:

After finding what you need to look for that day, you need to go to the latest post about Sharp Eagle Eyes by the person in charge of the FB Group and comment with the Spring Festival elements you found. The manager will determine the winner according to the time when the message is sent.

Entrance of Facebook MY&SG Group:Click here>>

Let's start the new year with new surprises. We wish you all the best of luck!


1. All the Spring Festival elements in this blog is for reference only and will not participate in this activity.
2. This event is only applicable to Olight fans in Malaysia and Singapore.
3. The final interpretation right belongs to Olight MY&SG Team.

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