Seeker 3 Pro ODG VS Seeker 2 Pro

Seeker 3 Pro ODG VS Seeker 2 Pro

Seeker 3 Pro ODG VS Seeker 2 Pro

      Hi, O-Fans. Today, I want to introduce my favorite light, Seeker 3 Pro ODG. Hope you guys know more about the amazing EDC light. Firstly, the Seeker 3 Pro is an ultra-bright flashlight, which is great for outdoor activities. As an updated version, Seeker 3 Pro continues with the classic style of Seeker 2 Pro, but it is more powerful, way brighter, and packed with new refinements that make it one of the most well-designed lights out there. As closely related lights, these two models share some obvious similarities, but they also have some distinct differences. We will compare the lights against each other.

      The Seeker 3 Pro is equipped with 4 high-efficiency OSRAM P9 lamp beads, with an output luminous flux of up to 4200 lumens and a range of 250 meters, which can illuminate valleys. Compared with the Seeker 2 Pro, in addition to a 31% increase in the lumen, it also adds a 360° rotating step-less dimming and occlusion active downshift function. It is an ideal lighting tool for home, outdoor, search, and rescue.

      Besides the high lumen and long work time, it also has a lot to show.

Brightness and Battery Level Indicator

      The 8-level instrument panel is located at both sides of the knob switch, respectively for displaying 4-level brightness and 5-level power, so that users can grasp the power situation at any time. Imagine if you were in a hurry to get out of the house, and you didn't know which of your flashlights had enough power to support your activities. At this point, you can take out your Seeker 3 Pro and look at its dashboard to see how much power it has left. This will really make your choice a lot easier. In addition, the eight-level instrument panel not only displays lighting but also can display and adjust the brightness. There are four levels of brightness, you can easily and quickly switch the brightness you want to adapt to the environment you are in.

3D Rotary Knob Switch

      Seeker 3 Pro also adds a new 3D rotary knob switch that can rotate 360° for a stopless dimming. Olight uses the unique non-polar dimming technology in the side button, so you only need to rotate the button to customize the brightness output according to the needs of different environments. Brightness transition is smooth and light control is no longer subject to gear limit. Of course, the Seeker 3 Pro retains the same function of shifting gears by long pressing and also offers modes like other Olight lights for quick gear-shifting.


Proximity Sensor

      As a new generation, Seeker 3 Pro has a new intelligent downshift function. A light sensor is implanted in the head of the flashlight. When the sensor inside the lens detects that there is a blocking object in front of the flashlight, it will actively reduce the brightness, prevent glare from reflecting light and also eliminate safety risks, providing active safety protection, so that you feel more assured when and where to use. In addition, the built-in temperature sensor will automatically downshift when the flashlight is blocked or overheated.


5000mAh Battery and Magnetic charging

      Seeker 3 Pro is equipped with a custom-made 3.6 V 5000 MAH 21700 rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which allows the flashlight to last 15 days. If your flashlight runs out of power after 15 days, you can use the tail magnetizer with the MCC3 smart charging cable. Because the product can be magnetically charged, it will also become easier and faster to charge, which is one of the features of Seeker 3 Pro.

      Do you like it?

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