The RN 1200 is specially designed for serious cycling demands, and challenging riding conditions. All in one road bike light with 1,200-lumen max output, perfect for mountain biking, trail crossing, road cycling and daily commuting. Anti-glare lens design for road
cyclists where the beam softens to avoid blinding oncoming motorists. Side lighting for better side visibility. Powered by a 21700 integrated battery with 4000mAh super high capacity. Runtime ranges from 1.5 hours to 7 hours depending on the mode. With USB-C fast charging and discharging port, the RN 1200 will act as a mobile power bank for your USB-C compatible mobile devices. All integrated design and fine craftsmanship make RN 1200 IPX7 waterproof, allowing full function during heavy downpours. Compatible with all Garmin quarter lock style handlebar mounts, helmet mounts, out-front mounts. Garmin to GoPro adapter included. When darkness comes, ride with it.


⋙⋙  Night Adventure

⋙ Max Output/throw: 1200-lumen/146-meter, road to conquer. 

⋙⋙  Almighty Partner

⋙ A super bright and power-efficient LED produce, a maximum verified output of 1,200 lumens. The beam spreads wide and extends well into the distance.

⋙⋙  Anti-glare Beam Light

⋙ The anti-glare beam will level off the upper light, to avoid light that intrudes with coming traffics.

⋙⋙  More Than a Bicycle Light

⋙ Charging your RN 1200 to be brighter and go longer. Change your devices to do more.

⋙⋙  Easy to Mount

⋙ Compatible with all Garmin quarter look style handlebar/helmet/out-front mounts.

⋙⋙ Superior Waterproof

⋙ RN 1200 has a certified IPX7 waterproof rating. Withstand water immersion up to 1m depth for 30 minutes.

⋙⋙ Swamless Aluminum Housing

⋙ Streamlined body using durable, seamless aluminum alloy with excellent thermal conductivity.


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General Data
Max. Performance (lumens)
Charge type
USB-C Charging
Compatible Batteries
21700 Li-ion battery 3.7V 4000mAh
Light Form
Luminus SST-40
Lens / Reflector Type
Anti-glare Lens
Mode Operation
Side Switch
Form/Size Factor
Medium Size
Bike Light Series
Lighting Levels
LEVEL 1 (lumens)
Run-time LEVEL 1
6.5 hours
LEVEL 2 (lumens)
Run-time LEVEL 2
3 hours
LEVEL 3 (lumens)
Run-time LEVEL 3
1.5 hours
LEVEL 4 (lumens)
Flash 1 (0-600 lumens)
Run-time LEVEL 4
7 hours
LEVEL 5 (lumens)
Flash 2 (0-900 lumens)
Run-time LEVEL 5
5 hours
Technical Characteristics
Weight (g / oz)
161 / 5.68
Length (mm / in)
107 / 4.21
Width (mm / in)
31 / 1.22
Height (mm / in)
31 / 1.22
High Efficifency LED
Color Box
Urban Riding, Daily Commuting, Road Cycling
Package Contents
RN 1200 x 1
Handlebar Mount x 1
GOPRO Mount x 1
Silicone Strap x 3
USB-C Charging Cable x 1
3 mm Hex x 1
User Manual x 1
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