The Perun mini is a new addition to OLIGHT’s Perun series that follows the signature body textures for easy grip. Powered by an IMR16340 rechargeable lithium battery, this multi-functional EDC illumination tool provides a max output of 1,000 lumens. It can be used as a headlamp via the optional headband. When attached to clothes, backpacks or hats via the velcro duty patch, this compact yet powerful light can be rotated 60 degrees for the desired angle and extreme convenience, bringing brightness to your life and work anywhere and anytime.


⋙⋙ Versatile and Multifunctional

⋙ The Perun Mini KIT can be handheld, head-mounted, or attach to any magnetic surface for hands-free use.

⋙⋙ Bright Up Your Work Place

⋙ Tiny yet mighty with max 1,000 lumens. Good visibility for kinds of job

⋙⋙ The Secret To Be A Work Light

⋙ Enhanced reliability with two tips bigger than the slot. Stick as hard as it can, no interruption, and no botherin

⋙⋙ Adjustable Convenience Fixed Performance

 Up and down 60-degree rotation. Left and right insert to find your optimum angle.

⋙⋙ Weighs Only 1.83oz/52g

⋙ Take it to go jogging, camping or hiking with feeling next to nothing

⋙⋙ Multifunctional use

⋙ Handheld as an EDC flashlight, magnetically attached to vehicles for maintenance as a work light, used as a headlamp with the optional headband.

Perun Mini usage scenarios

⋙⋙  Main Description



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