The Olight Perun 2 is an upgraded version headlight of the Perun. Powered by a 4000mAh 21700 battery, this new multi-functional right angle flashlight delivers a maximum output of 2,500 lumens and provides a longer runtime. It adopts the MCC3 USB charging cable with a charging current of up to 2A, which greatly improves the charging efficiency. Built-in proximity sensor to drop brightness in case of obstruction nearby, a great feature for safety. The Perun 2 can be used as both a headlamp with a headband and as a handheld light with a comfortable grip, and it is easy to carry and attach with the convenient pocket clip. Compared with the Perun, it is a more powerful and reliable illumination tool for multiple activities in the darkness.


⋙⋙ The Perun 2 is an upgraded version of the Perun, Limited Edition Orange and Black

⋙ Enhanced powered and hands-free convenience. a good pool light and game partner.

Waterproof pwerful light

⋙⋙ Power Enhanced

⋙ 2500-lumen powerhouse, 25% brighter than Perun. 4000 mAh 21700 rechargeable battery provides a longer runtime.Not only is it great for night walks and dark places, but it's also great for disasters like floods and sudden power outages.

Pwerful Hiking light

⋙⋙ Hands-free performance for short to long range lighting

⋙ Easy to carry, hands-free use, can be used for bicycles, night fishing, disasters, dark work, flood countermeasures, power outages, home use, etc.

2500 lumens headlights

⋙⋙ Adjustable Angle Torch & Multifunction/Multifunction Light

⋙ PERUN 2 can adjust the maximum irradiation angle of 180°, with a wide irradiation range to achieve omnidirectional irradiation. The mode conversion operation is simple and convenient, and can be used according to various needs. It can be used for night fishing, camping, mountain climbing, disaster prevention, power failure, emergency, work and other occasions. Expand the lighting range by adjusting the angle as needed. The operation is also very convenient, and you can easily use various modes to meet your lighting needs. It comes with a clip to hang from a pocket or backpack, and it also has a magnet to attach to iron or metal. It can also be used as a headlight by sandwiching it between the headbands. Easy to put on and take off and portable headlight. It also has a strap so you can hold it in your hand and use it as a flashlight.

emergency light

⋙⋙ Equipped with Smart Vision Protection & Safety/Security Sensors

⋙ Perun 2 with the light sensor that automatically reduces the brightness when it detects that the IR sensor is blocked. If the interruption exceeds 1 minute, it will automatically shut down.
Brightness is also changed in stages, and drastic changes in brightness can avoid visual stimulation. It not only protects eyesight, but also prevents dangers such as fire.

rechargeable headlamp

⋙⋙ Efficient MCC3 charging cable for fast charging

⋙ Using the MCC3 magnet charging cable, PERUN2 can be fully charged in a short time. Equipped with a 4000mAh battery for longer battery life. It's convenient because it can be charged by simply attaching it magnetically to the tail of the flashlight.
It can also connect to mobile batteries, PC and smartphone adapters. You don't have to worry about running out of battery, you can charge it anywhere. The 2A MCC3 charger charges 33% faster than PERUN.

Everyday Carry Light

⋙⋙ Instructions

On/Off: Press the switch to turn on/off. When turned on, the light will illuminate at the brightness of the memory.

Change Brightness: Press and hold the switch in the current mode, change the brightness in the order of Moonlight (or Turbo/SOS) → Low → Medium → High → Low, and select Brightness when you release the hand.

Moonlight: Press and hold the switch for 1 second or longer in the off state to enter moonlight mode.

Turbo: Press the switch twice quickly to enter Turbo mode. Press the switch twice again quickly to return to the original mode.

SOS: Press the switch three times quickly to enter SOS mode. Either switch operation will exit SOS mode.

Smart Off: The light can be set to a long timer (9 minutes) and a short timer (3 minutes). This is a short time (3 minutes) timer, hold the switch twice while on and it will flash once. Two blinks are long (9h) timer off. If you press and hold the switch twice quickly in the timer state, you can switch between the long timer and the short timer.

Lock and unlock: In the off state, press and hold the switch for about 2 seconds until the moon mode is turned off, then it can be locked. If you press and hold the switch for 1 second or more in locked state until it flashes once, it will unlock and enter moonlight mode.


free shipping

General Data
Beam Distance (ft)
Beam Distance (m)
Max. Performance (lumens)
Charge type
MCC3 Magnetic Charging Cable
Compatible Batteries
Customized 4000mAh 21700 Battery (Included)
Light Intensity (candela)
Lens / Reflector Type
TIR bead lens (wide/broad beam)
Mode Operation
Front Switch
Form/Size Factor
Medium size (Permanent Marker)
Headlamp Series
Lighting Levels
LEVEL 1 (lumens)
2,500 to 800
Run-time LEVEL 1
2 + 175 minutes
LEVEL 2 (lumens)
Run-time LEVEL 2
270 minutes
LEVEL 3 (lumens)
Run-time LEVEL 3
18 hours
LEVEL 4 (lumens)
Run-time LEVEL 4
66 hours
LEVEL 5 (lumens)
Run-time LEVEL 5
12.5 days
Technical Characteristics
Weight (g / oz)
161 / 5.68 (Including Battery)
Height (mm / in)
120.7 / 4.75
Body Diameter (mm / in)
27 / 1.06
Head Diameter (mm / in)
28.6 / 1.13
High Performance Cool White LED
Carton Box
Everyday carry , car, camping, household, general use, fishing, climbing, cave exploration, outdoor activities, house activities, jogging,cycling,survival
Package Contents
Perun 2 (Battery Included) x 1
Headband With Silicone Bracket x 1
MCC3 Magnetic Charging Cable x 1
Lanyard x 1
User Manual x 1
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Favorable Comments

Color: Black


Jan 07, 2023, 18:55:43

Favorable Comments

Color: Black


Jan 05, 2023, 10:33:17

Perun 2 is the best Headlamp 👌..nothing to debate about it..this light should everyone have for any purpose of use

Color: Black


Jan 05, 2023, 00:58:11

Perun 2 is the best Headlamp 👌..nothing to debate about it..this light should everyone have for any purpose of use

Color: Black


Jan 05, 2023, 00:40:01

if out of stock. how long can restock? i need for 5 units


Dec 14, 2022, 08:51:17

Favorable Comments

Color: Desert Tan


Nov 21, 2022, 20:18:53

Worth it to buy..the power so awesome

Color: Black


Oct 19, 2022, 20:27:11

Thank olight free gifts, edc gray pouch, i3e, perun2 also cheaper

Color: Desert Tan


Oct 04, 2022, 18:40:06

Very satisfied with product, proximity sensor and vibrating really helpful.. i hope IP ratings for olight products will increase in future


Oct 03, 2022, 10:08:50


Color: Desert Tan


Oct 01, 2022, 02:07:41

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