The Opry Pro is a multi-use TC4 titanium alloy pry bar. It can be used as a pry, whistle, screwdriver, bottle opener, wrench, and ruler. Further, the wrench and screwdriver come in different sizes or specifications to meet your specific needs. The main body, clip, and rotary knob are made from TC4 titanium alloy which is comfortable to grip after being stonewashed. The Opry Pro measures only 2.76 inches in length, 1.64 ounces in weight, and 0.46 inches in thickness. It can be tightly clipped to book pages, shirts, and jeans, or even used as a money clip. The Opry Pro, with all its functions in such a compact size, is a must-have tool to conquer your daily needs.


⋙⋙Rich Functions

⋙The upgraded Opry Pro, with a newly added whistle, and Oxygen Tank Wrench, is well-structured and smaller in size. Besides, combining a pry, whistle, bottle opener, hexagonal wrench, and a measuring ruler, this is one well-rounded tool.

Screw The Screw The Opry Pro Opry ProOpening A Coke Bottle With Multifunctional Tool Opry ProUsing The Multifunctional Tool Opry Pro Equivalent Ruler

⋙⋙Premium Quality

⋙Made of TC4 titanium alloy (high strength, good corrosion resistance, high heat resistance), it can withstand extreme environments.

Multifunctional Tool Opry Pro Features Tc4 Titanium Alloy To Withstand Extreme Environments

⋙⋙ Exquisite Appearance

⋙The stone-washed surface feels comfortable to touch and gives a firm grip.

Opry Pro Has A Sophisticated Look

⋙⋙Small and Tiny

⋙The main body is 2.76 inches in length, 1.64 ounces in weight, 1.02 inches in width, and 0.46 inches in thickness. The Opry Pro is small yet robust, lightweight, and easy to grasp with one hand.

Opry Pro Is Small But Sturdy, Lightweight And Easy To Grip With One Hand

⋙⋙Practical Clip

⋙The clip can be tightly clipped to book pages, shirts, and jeans, and can be easy to carry or used as a money clip.

Portable Opry Pro



Body Material
TC4 Titanium Alloy
1.64 oz (46.5 g)
2.76 in (70 mm)
Blade Thickness
0.46 in (11.8 mm)
1.02 in (26 mm)
Everyday Carry, Outdoors
Opry Pro x 1
Lanyard x 1
Lanyard Pendant x 1
User Manual x 1
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