Do you want a mini torch light?

Olight provides you with i5t Flashlight. This 300-lumen led flashlight also comes with a lanyard, a holding clip, it is definitely your best choice for portable flashlights!


✔ The i5T EOS Brass

Powered by only a single AA battery and equipped with a simple tail switch to operate momentary/constant on (2 modes: max 300 lumens).

✔ Rugged and Stylish

Feel the classic, shinning and special flashlight.

✔ Powerful

The i5T EOS Camo is a tail switch EDC flashlight powered by a single AA battery with an amazing max output of 300 lumens.

✔ Unique

Double helix body knurling, designed for the unique style as well as more grip.

✔Easy to use 

One silicone button on its tail, fast switch for two light modes. All for anti-slip smooth pressing experience.

✔Good partner

Tiny size to carry, always follow like your shadow.


*Free Shipping for orders over S$67/RM214*

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Nicely torchlight, good product


Jan 21, 2021, 04:33:27

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