How to Get More Benefits in Summer Sale

How to Get More Benefits in Summer Sale

Jul 19, 2022, 17:01:00

How to Get More Benefits in Summer Sale

The 2022 Olight Summer Sale is coming now! It's time to start planning your purchase to take advantage of the fantastic summer sale from July 21 to July 30. Here are some tips and tricks to make the most of this fantastic Olight summer saleIn order to thank our customers for always great support, we now give some special offers for our dear clients. You can enjoy discounts up to 50% off, get a free gift imini, spin our lucky draw and you will have chances to get our new product "Olantern Classic 2 Pro (Vintage Copper Color) " for free. So let's go and enjoy this incredible Summer Sale.


u  Early Access for Diamond VIP and Above: 2022/7/21 20:00:00 - 2022/7/25 20:00:00

u  Early Access for Silver VIP and Above: 2022/7/22 20:00:00 - 2022/7/25 20:00:00

u  Normal Sale: 2022/7/25 20:00:00 - 2022/7/30 10:00:00


A.     Give Back Event

B.     The Lucky Draw

C.     Free Gifts

        a) Facebook Giveaway

        b) Free Order Gift: imini

        c) First Order Gifts

        d)Tier Gift

D.     O-Fan Club: Exclusive Benefit

E.     Mystery Box

F.     Group Buy

G.     Hot Sale Pack (35% OFF)

A.   Give Back Event

      How to get it: Users in login status can get credits of the amount equivalent to his/her first order placed during the Summer Sale, which can be used on orders to deduct directly! You can learn more in “Get Credits”. >>Learn More<<

B.    The Lucky Draw


      Javelot Pro Black (Worth $199.95), Warrior X Black (Worth $129.95), Zilla Green (Worth $84.950), Multitool (Worth $9.95), Cleaning Cloth, 50 Ocoins, 50 Points  >><Join Now<<

C.   Free Gifts

a)      Facebook Giveaway


      Available at 2022/7/19 19:00PM - 2022/7/25 19:00 PM

      Invite more friends in the group to play the #Ogame and make more fun together!!!
      We will add one more Opry pro as prize for every 50 new group members added in the group!


      Available at 2022/7/25 22:00 PM - 2022/7/30 10:00 AM

      Totally 5 winners will be chosen.     

      Olight t-shirt /Double-sided coin /OminoCyber Cyan/Open2 Cu /Perun mini Black (Random one) 

      How to get it: Join Facebook to enjoy with O-Fans!!! >><Join Now<<

b)      Free Order Gift: imini

      Available at 2022/7/21 20:00 PM - 2022/7/30 10:00 AM

      How to get it: Login ⇒ " imini " is automatically added to the cart ⇒ Add items to the shopping cart ⇒ Check out ⇒ Confirm order details!  >>Get Now<<


c)      First Order Gifts


Get free order gift when you were the first person to place an order in our store on July 21, July 22 or July 25: All Starts at 20:00PM. Prize: Perun Mini Golden Yellow, Olantern Mini Antique Bronze, and Baton 3 Deep Sea Blue.

      How to get it: Log in Buy at 20:00 PM  >>Get Now<<

d)      First Order Gifts

Besides, there are other kinds of gifts as shown above. You can get the special products as gift when the order amount reaches the exact values. What’s more, a new surprise gift will be committed when your order is over $179 and you are included in the first 100 persons.

      How to get it: Log in ⇒ Add items you want to buy to the shopping cart ⇒Check out items and gifts in your cart Confirm order details  >>Get Now<<

D.   O-Fan Club: Exclusive Benefit

Exclusive Limited Edition Zone (Exclusive to Diamond VIP and above):

l  Open Pro Zirconium Damascus, 20% OFF

l  i3T Plus Titanium Damascus, 20% OFF

l  Drever Handle Stars & Stripes, 15% OFF

l  Seeker 3 Pro Stars & Stripes, 15% OFF

l  Warrior Mini 2 Stars & Stripes, 15% OFF

Preferential Zone (Exclusive to Copper VIP and above):

l  Olight 1st Anniversary SG&MY Spoon

l  Olight Surprise Bag

l  Olight Fridge Magnet

l  Olight Notebook Orange

       The products in Redemption Zone have been updated. Click to learn more.

       How to get it: O-Fan Club ⇒ "Exclusive Limited Edition Zone"/"Preferential Zone"/"Redemption Zone"  >>Check Now<<

E.   Mystery Box


Open the mystery boxes to meet your lucky items. You can spend only $79.95 to get one of these:

l  I5T Golden Dragon Phoenix Set: Worth $?

l  I5T EOS Titanium Damascus: Worth $199.95

l  Spint Ti: Worth $169.95

l  Baton 3 (Winter): Worth $109.95

l  Baton 3 (Summer): Worth $109.95

l  Baton 3 (Spring): Worth $109.95

l  Baton 3 (Autumn): Worth $109.95

l  Baton 3 (Eternal): Worth $99.95

       How to get it: O-Fan Club ⇒ "Mystery Box Zone"  >>Check Now<<

F.   Group Buy

i5R Ti *3pcs:$209.85, 40% OFF, $125.91/ S$ 176.31/ RM 548.91

Array 2S Orange *3pcs:$239.85, 40% OFF, $143.91/ S$200.03/ RM 627.44

Seeker 2 Pro Black *3pcs:$419.85, 50% OFF, $209.93/ S$ 284.93/ RM 915.27

Warrior mini 2 Air *3pcs:$419.85, 45% OFF, $230.92/ S$ 313.42/ RM 970.12

Warrior mini 2 Earth *3pcs:$419.85, 45% OFF, $230.92/ S$ 313.42/ RM 970.12

Warrior X Turbo Black *3pcs:$419.85, 45% OFF, $230.92/ S$ 313.42/ RM 970.12

ALLTY 2000*3pcs:$449.85, 50% OFF, $224.93/ S$ 308.93 / RM 944.93

      How to get it:  >>Get Now<<

G.   Hot Sale EDC Pack (35% OFF)

Hot Sale Pack:

l  Warrior 3S Titanium Edition Pack (Fire/Air/Water/Copper)35% OFF

l  Obulb Pro Pack(Get a free Omino White): 30% OFF

l   Obulb Pro ODG + Obulb Pro Blue + Omino Orange + Baton 3 Stainless steel: 35% OFF       


>>Get Now<<

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