Just With a Flashlight,  We Knew Five Games

Just With a Flashlight, We Knew Five Games

Mar 16, 2022, 17:30:00

Just With a Flashlight, We Knew Five Games

Due to the epidemic, many families may be forced to choose to stay at home to spend every night and minimize going out and gatherings. I don't know if you are tired of being surrounded by electronic products and want to go out and play games with friends, but you can actually spend a fun night at home! Follow me to start a fantastic night with a flashlight!

When thinking of flashlights, many people think of high-quality metallic color and sturdy and tough barrel shape, but for pragmatists, it is an indispensable accessory for walking in the dark, and it is a lighting tool for outdoor sports adventures. It is also a must-have material for families in emergency situations. But flashlights can also be romantic! As long as a beam of light, a pair of hands, and a white curtain can interpret all living beings in the world.Hurry up and collect the following fun indoor games to spend a different night with your family and friends!

Game 1: The Shadows of Hands

Do you remember the hand shadow game you played with your family as a child? At that time, in addition to real toys, there were untouchable toys that only appeared in certain situations. You make some shapes with your hands, and under the light, the shadows of your hands are projected on the wall, and some very interesting images will appear. Through the change of gestures, various images can be created, such as rabbits, dogs, cats, birds, etc. in animals.

Here are some gestures that might help you stand out in this game.

Game 2: Catch That Light

The lights at night are intertwined with the rhythm of the music, which is full of atmosphere and fun. Catch That Light will be a fun little game.

Prepare a few pieces of music with a strong sense of rhythm, we choose one person as the host, rotate the flashlight and control the start and end of the music at the same time. When the music stops, the light beam of the flashlight stops somewhere in an random way. Players participating in the game must enter the area illuminated by the light as soon as the light stops, and the player who catches the light spot first wins; or those who enter the light area first win.

With music to set the mood and competitive stimulation, this game can burn up an evening, but be careful that the fun takes place in a slightly safer space.

Game 3: Shadow Puppetry

Parents can work with their children to make some small props and write scripts, erect a white curtain indoors, encourage children to imagine and perform by themselves, and perform a parent-child cooperation shadow play.

Tips for making props: put the prototype of the prop that the child wants to make on the table, stick a piece of white paper beside the table, illuminate the object with a flashlight, the outline of the object will appear on the white paper, and trace it directly on the white paper Outline, then cut out and let the child fill in the details.

Game 4: Shadow Puppetry

Cut out a hollow pattern on a piece of black card stock, or cover it with colored paper, and let the child lie on the bed with a flashlight at the ceiling. What interesting shapes will you see? If your cutouts are stars, then the ceiling should be a beautiful night sky.

Game 5: The Leaves Show

In this game, we can also explore the characteristics of shadow imaging from practice with our family members, which will be a fun leaves shadow show. We can compare the relationship between the distance change of the light source and the object position and the change of the shadow size.

Choose some leaves with special shapes and project them on the wall with a flashlight. You can try to fix the position of the leaves, move the distance of the flashlight, and observe the change in the size of the shadow. Or fix the position of the flashlight, move the leaves, and observe the size of the shadow.

The above are the good fun games we found with Olight flashlight. If you have any more interesting light and shadow games, you can share them in the comment area below! Let's experience the beauty of nightlife together!

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