⋙⋙ Design to Stand out

⋙ The Baton 3 Premium Edition is the upgraded version of the previous S1R Baton II with a groundbreaking portable wireless charger and a new anti-slip body texture.  pocket clip for hands-free use!

⋙⋙ Baton 3 Premium Edition  Spring - Ti

⋙ With violets blooming, the garden is full of life. Explore new things, even when the sun has set.

⋙⋙ Baton 3 Premium Edition  Summer - Ti

⋙ Under the Starlit sky, beside the palm trees. Go out and create your summer story.

⋙⋙ Baton 3 Premium Edition Autumn  - Ti

⋙ Maple leaves, fruits, pumpkins, and turkey. Celebrate the harvest with your family and friends.

⋙⋙ Baton 3 Premium Edition Winter - Ti

⋙ Hills and valleys are covered by snow. The wild is pure and serene. Take brave steps to see rare beauty.

⋙⋙ Baton 3 Premium Edition Eternal- Cu

⋙ Every day is an adventure. Embrace the changes and cycles in your life. Therein hides the light to eternity.

⋙⋙ Take Your Pocket Light Up A Notch

⋙ With a max 1,200-lumen output and a 166-meter beam distance, the baton 3 increased by 20% and 14% compared to the previous S1R Baton II.

⋙⋙ Improved Efficiency And Runtimes

⋙ The battery life of the Baton 3 lasts up to 20 days. With the premium edition, the battery life can reach 94 days with the wireless charging case charging the Baton 3 up to 3.7 times.

⋙⋙ Baton 3 Wireless Charging

⋙ The premium edition wireless charging case enhances runtimes on-the-go (compatible with Baton 3 and S1R baton II), which includes two indicators to show your power output and input.

⋙⋙ Wireless Charging On The Go

⋙ The wireless charger includes a 3500mah built-in battery that can charge the baton 3 up to 3.7 times. With a compact and portable design, this is perfect for charging on-the-go.

⋙⋙ Specification

⋙⋙ Certification


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